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As we age, the natural lenses in our eyes can develop cataracts. This common condition causes blurred vision and other symptoms.

Cataract surgery is the only solution for cataracts if glasses and visual aids fail to restore clear, sharp vision.

Find out how the board-certified surgeons at Rockland Eye Physicians & Surgeons in Garnerville, NY, can improve your vision through surgery.

What Is a Cataract?

Cataracts can occur anytime during a person’s life, but the biggest risk factor is age. The condition is most common among people over the age of 65. A cataract forms when proteins in the ocular lens inside our eye break up and band together.

This lens is what allows our retina to form clear images. When the lens is clouded over, the light that reaches our retina is distorted, creating symptoms that negatively affect your vision. 

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Typical Symptoms of Cataracts

Blurred Vision

As cataracts intensify, you may notice your vision becoming blurrier or hazy.

Other Vision Changes

You may experience symptoms such as double vision, dull colors, fuzzy night vision, and light sensitivity. Many of our patients also notice glares and halos around lights. 

Frequent Prescription Changes

Because cataracts continue to grow, you will need to update your eyewear prescription frequently.

Without Surgery, Cataracts Will Worsen

According to the Nobel Vision Group, if left untreated, your risk factor of total vision loss from cataracts can increase. 

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It's Time to See Things More Clearly Schedule Your Cataract Consultation Today

Are you having trouble seeing a child's smile? Or has watching TV become difficult, even with eyeglasses? Eye surgery and artificial lens (IOL) placement by the board-certified ophthalmologists at our Garnerville and West Nyack, NY, ophthalmology practices can bring your life back into focus.

From your initial exam through post-surgery follow-up care, your Rockland Eye Physician surgeon will provide you with affordable and personalized treatment. Contact us online or by phone now to schedule your consultation at the largest and longest-established ophthalmology practice in Rockland County, NY.

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5-Star Testimonials for Our Ophthalmologists
"Highly recommend Rockland Eye Physicians."


Lisa Shea


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Highly recommend Rockland eye Physicians.. I was recently seen by Dr. Leen for an emergency eye evaluation and I can’t say enough great things about the whole process. From the staff first helping me out on the phones to the staff assisting me with check in and initial evaluation it was all handled professionally and with such caring personalities. Thankfully it all worked out just fine in my case but it was just so wonderful how helpful Dr. Leen and the staff was to squeeze me into their schedule to be evaluated and reassured. Would strongly trust them for any Ophthamologic care - oh and just a side note Dr. Leen also sees pediatric patients too! Just so many wonderful things to say about this practice.

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Kate McDermott


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My experience at the Rockland Eye Physicians office was very pleasant. I was greeted at the door and was quickly checked and then seated. I was spoken to and told about what to expect during this visit and what to expect in the coming days before the surgery. I read and signed some forms and was taken in immediately for required tests and eye measurements. The Nurse explained the things that I needed to do in the coming days and I was finished A very pleasant experience on my part. Thanks-a-million, Kate McDermott

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Is Cataract Surgery Effective?

"More than 90 percent of people who have cataract surgery regain useful vision." Richard P. Mills, M.D., Former Director of the American Board of Ophthalmology

Watch How Cataract Surgery Is Performed

Once the clouded ocular lens is surgically removed, it is replaced with a state-of-the-art intraocular lens that can greatly improve your ability to see clearly.

The Cataract Surgery Timeline

In the hands of Dr. Glenn H. Weiss and Dr. Robert Chen, our two highly experienced cataract surgeons, cataract surgery is a virtually painless, out-patient procedure that takes only about 30 minutes to perform. No stitches or general anesthesia are needed. Patients can expect several steps:
Cataract surgery is the most common surgical procedure performed in the United States. 
Cataract surgery is the most common surgical procedure performed in the United States. 
Special eye drops will be administered to dilate your pupil and numb your eye. Once you are comfortable, your surgeon will make a precise, very small incision in your cornea.
An ultrasonic device is then inserted through the incision. Sound waves painlessly and quickly break up the cloudy natural lens into small pieces, which are safely suctioned out without harming the surrounding tissue.
Next, another special tool will place your new IOL into position, after which, the incision will be closed. The lens will be carefully selected during pre-surgical exams to fit your specific vision needs.
Finally, a bandage and shield will be placed over your eye. Make sure someone can drive you home to rest. You'll come back the next day for a check-up. Most patients return to a normal lifestyle in a few days. 

How We Keep Surgery Costs Down

We want your procedure to be as affordable as possible so we use traditional techniques, not a laser, to make the corneal incision. Here's why:

  • Our board-certified surgeons feel many corporate eye care practices sell you on expensive laser surgery to jack up their fees after you've been enticed in with lower-priced blade-assisted surgery. Our private practice doesn't do that.
  • Since insurance rarely covers laser surgery, you pay more money out of pocket, which in turn goes into the surgeon's pocket.  
  • Our doctors prefer using traditional methods to make precise corneal incisions, as it costs less, is highly accurate, and is covered by most insurance carriers.
  • Affordable financing is also offered at our Garnerville, and West Nyack, NY, offices through CareCredit®, which breaks down any out-of-pocket costs into manageable monthly payments.

IOL Costs

Each lens has a different cost, which can be discussed during your cataract surgery consultation. It is important to know that while traditional monofocal IOLs are covered by insurance, premium multifocal IOLs are not. However, premium lenses are a worthwhile investment in your eyesight, and they can save you money over time since you may not need to buy expensive eyeglass lenses anymore. And, as mentioned, CareCredit financing is offered to make premium IOLs more affordable.

Help Us Get to Know You Complete Our Lifestyle Questionnaire

The cataract surgeons at Rockland Eye Physicians and Surgeons have extensive experience in the implantation of all types of premium lenses. Download and complete our cataract patient Lifestyle Questionnaire and fax it to our office at (845) 947-2265. A friendly staff member will contact you to set up a cataract evaluation with one of our extensively trained cataract surgeons.

FAQ I Have Glaucoma... Can I Still Get Cataract Surgery?

Yes. In fact, the removal of a cataract can actually lower interior eye pressure, which is beneficial to glaucoma patients. If you have been diagnosed with a cataract and glaucoma (high pressure within the eye caused by fluid buildup), our knowledgeable doctors can create an individualized treatment plan for you that reduces any associated risks. 

More High Praise for Our Practice


Joe Pitt


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I have been going to Rockland Eye Physicians & Surgeons for several years now and have always been satisfied with their level of service and care. Dr. Chen is very patient and takes the time to explain all the tests they perform and what they mean. Each visit leaves me with a sense of being in good hands...that my vision is being properly monitored and cared for.

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Magdalena Truchan


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I saw Dr. Chen for the first time the other day and he sat with me with his ebullience and comforting manner. I didn't feel like cattle in this "let's go, and let's get this done" age in American healthcare. I went to him for a second opinion and he made me at ease. Thanks Dr. Chen. You are a wonderful man.

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