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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye syndrome can make your eyes feel extremely uncomfortable all day long while making them look red, tired, and irritated.

Rockland Eye Physicians & Surgeons provides personalized, advanced dry eye treatments that address the causes and provide relief.

Find out how dry eye treatment at our West Nyack and Garnerville, NY, offices can help you...

Three Benefits of Dry Eye Treatment

Alleviate Symptoms

When your eyes aren't feeling irritated and dry, it's much easier to enjoy life.

Better Vision

Treatment can reduce blurriness caused by dryness, making reading and computer work easier.

Eye Surface Protection

Poorly lubricated eyes can lead to corneal abrasions and inflammation visible on the surface of the eye. Gentle, non-invasive treatment at our ophthalmology practice, the largest and longest-established ophthalmology practice in Rockland County, can reduce or eliminate harmful symptoms caused by this common eye disease.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Contact the board-certified ophthalmologists at our Garnerville or West Nyack, NY, offices to schedule a state-of-the-art eye exam if you experience any of the following symptoms of this common eye disease:

  • Burning
  • Itching/Scratchiness
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Blurry Vision
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Watering
  • Contact Lens Discomfort

Rockland Eye Physicians can assess your symptoms and find the solution you need.

Experiencing Persistent Symptoms? Schedule a Dry Eye Consultation Today

If your dryness persists even after trying over-the-counter artificial tear eye drops, taking a break from contact lenses, or avoiding potential irritants, it's time for an eye exam conducted by one of our board-certified ophthalmologists. Both Dr. Weiss and Dr. Chen are Fellows of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

5-Star Reviews for Our Ophthalmologists
"Thanks Dr. Chen. You Are a Wonderful Man."


Joe Pitt


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I have been going to Rockland Eye Physicians & Surgeons for several years now and have always been satisfied with their level of service and care. Dr. Chen is very patient and takes the time to explain all the tests they perform and what they mean. Each visit leaves me with a sense of being in good hands...that my vision is being properly monitored and cared for.

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Magdalena Truchan


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I saw Dr. Chen for the first time the other day and he sat with me with his ebullience and comforting manner. I didn't feel like cattle in this "let's go, and let's get this done" age in American healthcare. I went to him for a second opinion and he made me at ease. Thanks Dr. Chen. You are a wonderful man.

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Causes of Dry Eye

There are two primary types of dry eye: aqueous tear-deficient dry eye and evaporative dry eye. The first occurs when the lacrimal glands don't produce enough moisture. The second occurs when the meibomian glands (which produce the oil that prevents tears from evaporating too quickly) are blocked. Typical causes of these conditions include:

  • Aging (very common in people over 50)
  • Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis 
  • Hormonal changes
  • Allergy and anti-depression medications 
  • Not blinking enough
  • Wearing contact lenses regularly
  • Smoky, windy, or dry conditions
Depending on the cause of your dry eye, our doctors may prescribe artificial tears, eyelid scrubs, supplements, or in-office therapies like LipiFlow® that provide long-lasting relief without surgery or invasive treatment. 

Dry Eye Syndrome Affects Millions of Americans


During your exam at our family-friendly ophthalmology practice, our experienced eye doctors will examine your eyes, cornea, and eyelids. Your medical history, line of work, and living conditions will be discussed to pinpoint potential causes of your dry eyes. 

Next, our modern diagnostic equipment can analyze your tears to detect any imbalance in the makeup of your tears. Once we have this information, a customized treatment plan can be developed based on your symptoms, lifestyle, and tear quality.

LipiFlow® Treatment Can Provide Lasting Relief

Recommended for patients whose dry eye is caused by clogged meibomian glands, Lipiflow is a non-surgical treatment that is designed to remove these blockages through heat and thermal pulsation, allowing the glands to properly lubricate the eyes.

During a LipiFlow session, which lasts for about 12 minutes, small dome-shaped cups will be carefully placed on your eyes. Then a gentle, heated massage will begin, liquifying blockages and removing obstructions that prevent tears from lubricating your eyes. Our practice is the only one in Rockland County that offers this treatment.


Other Dry Eye Treatments

Depending on the dry eye symptoms you are experiencing and other factors, our ophthalmologists in Garnerville and West Nyack may also prescribe:

Over-the-Counter Products

Topical lubricants, lid hygiene products, or dietary supplements can alleviate certain symptoms.

Warm Compresses

Warmth can unclog glands and improve natural fluid flow.

Prescription Eye Drops

These can soothe inflamed eyelids or corneas.
Other drops can stimulate tear production. 

Punctal Plugs

These small plugs are inserted into your tear ducts
to slow the draining of tears from your eyes.

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Rockland Eye Physicians & Surgeons

Our board-certified and experienced physicians are dedicated to providing high-quality, compassionate, and ethical ophthalmology care. Our team includes a Spanish-speaking doctor and staff and we are also members of renowned vision organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Board of Ophthalmology
  • American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

To schedule a consultation at one of our modern locations, call us at (845) 624-4455 or request an appointment online.

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